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  • “We take great pride in being able to produce food, for our family, for your family, for families in Illinois, and families around the world.”

    Soybean Farmer
    Roseville, Illinois
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  • “We’re committed to doing a good job, because we were given the opportunity to do that, so we want that next generation to come back and farm and carry on that Scholl name.”

    Hog Farmer
    Polo, Illinois
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  • “We don’t take milk from the cow, we let the cow give her milk to us.”

    Dairy Farmer
    Hampshire, Illinois
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  • “We can have a lot more cattle comfort here if we use these barns instead of if they were out on the open range.”

    Cattle Farmer
    Maple Park, Illinois
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  • “I take a lot of pride in being a good steward of the land.”

    Corn Farmer
    Sugar Grove, Illinois
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