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Our Farm Families

  • “The farm is just a great place to grow up. I love having my daughter raised on the farm.”

    Dairy Farmer
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
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  • “Growing up working on the farm is just good home family values.”

    Egg Farmer
    Berne, Indiana
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  • “Getting involved in agriculture was a natural choice – it was all about quality of life.”

    Fish Farmer
    Albany, Indiana
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  • “Giving our pigs top care is our top priority and we set out to do that each and every day.”

    Hog Farmer
    Greenfield, Indiana
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  • “We take great pride and care in maintaining our animals and producing a healthy, nutritious product.”

    Sheep Farmer
    Franklin, Indiana
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  • “My grandpa worked and saved to buy this farm. I hope to pass this same farm down to my kids.”

    Cattle Farmer
    Franklin, Indiana
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  • “My dad is still very much involved with the farm. I draw on his experience and knowledge.”

    Corn Farmer
    Middletown, Indiana
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  • “We’re proud of what we do and we’re proud of our farm.”

    Soybean Farmer
    Terre Haute, Indiana
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