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Burli Hopkins

“Taking care of our cows is our number one priority because it’s best for our cows and allows us to make a high-quality product for our family and families in the entire region to enjoy.”

Burli Hopkins
Dairy Farmer

Name: Burli Hopkins
Location: Lewes, Delaware
Years farming: The Hopkins family has been on this land for more than 100 years, dating back to Alden S. Hopkins, Sr. in 1898. The family started milking by 1941 and we opened the creamery in 2008. Over the years, our investments in new technology and equipment have allowed us to increase the farm's efficiency, which aides in our long-term success.
My family: I’m supported on the farm by my children. Michael is 14, Jacob is 11, Grace is 8 and Luke is 5. My wife Allison also supports the farm as often as possible by managing the on-farm ice cream store, Hopkins Farm Creamery.
How I came to be a farmer: I credit my family and the innate desire to farm by saying, "It's what we've always done and it's all I know" and simply put, "I love cows."
The best thing about being a farmer: Cows. They're the coolest animals and they never cease to amaze me. Too, I like the fact that I make good, healthy food for people. It comes from my farm and goes to the consumer.
My personal philosophy on farming: Take good care of the cows and they'll take good care of you.

Dairy Production in Delaware and the United States
  • The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage the consumption of milk or equivalent milk products for better bone health, especially during childhood.
  • Milk and dairy foods are the leading source of vitamin D in the diet.
  • The recommended three servings of low-fat and fat-free milk provide 75 percent of the daily value of vitamin D - along with eight other essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium and vitamin A, which are often in short supply.

For more information about dairy farming in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, visit Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association.

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