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Harry Herbruck

“We’re still very much family based and family focused.”

Harry Herbruck
Egg Farmer

Name: Harry Herbruck
Location: Saranac, Michigan
Years farming: I am 40 years old and farming is the only thing I have ever done.
My family: I am the third generation in the egg business. Almost 80 years ago, my grandfather Harry Herbruck, Sr. picked up small quantities of eggs from various farmers, and then washed, graded and sold them. My father Harry, Jr. and mom began producing eggs in 1958. Today I work with my three brothers and sister.
How I came to be a farmer: From the time I was very little I loved being outdoors getting to do the wide variety of tasks that come with farming. Of course, back then the very best part was driving tractors.
The best thing about being a farmer: My family has been blessed to grow and even though our farm is bigger now and there are more people involved, we have been able to keep the family atmosphere. (It sure feels like I have a lot of brothers and sisters.) In farming, there is never a lack of work to do and never a lack of challenges. Tackling those on a daily basis is rewarding when you get to do it with people you enjoy being with.
My personal philosophy on farming: Our family is committed to making safe and affordable food in a responsible way. We want our customers to feel good when they consume our product knowing how much care is given to each dozen eggs. The way we farm has changed so much in the last 80 years and that will likely continue. We will need to be diligent in anticipating challenges and making the adjustments to our operation to remain viable for the next 80 years.

Egg Production in Michigan and the United States
  • Not only are eggs versatile and inexpensive, they are an easy-to-prepare, healthy source of iron, phosphorus, protein and vitamins A, D and B complex.
  • Egg grades are determined by the thickness of the egg whites and the condition of the shell. Grade AA, Extra Fancy, and Grade A have thick whites and firm yolks and are commonly used for cooking and baking.
  • Eggs contain only 75 calories and at about 12 cents each, eggs are one of the most affordable high-protein foods.
  • Research shows that choline may also help prevent age-related memory decline.

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