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  • “I think a farm is one of the best places where you can raise children. They not only learn responsibility, but they learn the process of taking care of something …”

    Dairy Farmer
    Jonesville, Michigan
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  • “We are blessed in the United States with the pigs that we have, and we want to be able to feed the world with the products that we produce.”

    Hog Farmer
    Holland, Michigan
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  • “I don’t think I could do anything else. This is what I’m passionate about … this is what I know … this is what I do … this is what I love.”

    Dairy Farmer
    Alto, Michigan
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  • “…doing our very best to work with Mother Nature and the technology and the information we have to grow the best crop…”

    Soybean Farmer
    Scotts, Michigan
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  • “We love living on an apple orchard. There's no place else we'd rather be.”

    Apple Farmer
    Berrien Springs, Michigan
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  • “The healthy animals we raise here on our farm provide a safe, healthy product for the consumer.”

    Sheep Farmer
    Vicksburg, Michigan
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  • “Learning about what nature provides …it’s truly amazing.”

    Corn Farmer
    Midland, Michigan
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  • “…to make sure the finest quality goes to our consumers…”

    Vegetable Farmer
    Carleton, Michigan
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  • “Their health and general well-being is tied directly to us, so it’s our goal to make sure we have the healthiest animals that we possibly can.”

    Cattle Farmer
    Romeo, Michigan
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  • “We’re still very much family based and family focused.”

    Egg Farmer
    Saranac, Michigan
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