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  • “Because we take care of our animals the way that we do, we pride ourselves in that we’re supplying a very safe, nutritious, affordable food product for our families, and for the other consumers in this country.”

    Hog Farmer
    Auxvasse, Missouri
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  • “With technology and engineering, we have more capacity today to harvest a crop in a more timely fashion, and do it in a more efficient use per acre.”

    Corn Farmer
    Norborne, Missouri
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  • “You want them to eat a safe, nutritious diet so they grow up healthy and strong”

    Cattle Farmer
    Maysville, Missouri
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  • “It’s raised right here in the Heartland, and we’re just focused on providing the best products that we can to the marketplace.”

    Soybean Farmer
    Garden City, Missouri
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  • “We’re doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that you’re getting a safe, wholesome product for your family because not only are you buying those products, I’m buying those too for my family.”

    Dairy Farmer
    Clever, Missouri
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