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  • “I don't think there's any better way to raise children than to work side by side with them on a daily basis on a family farm.”

    Turkey Farmer
    New Weston, Ohio
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  • “You are getting a safe and quality milk supply.”

    Dairy Farmer
    Beloit, Ohio
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  • “We care for these cattle. It’s what we love to do, and there’s no better feeling than to see an animal being born, to take care of it, know it’s healthy, to grow it, to see it as a cow maybe two or three years later, and know that you were responsible for that animal.”

    Cattle Farmer
    Newark, Ohio
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  • “This is the way Mother Nature intended it to be.”

    Sheep Farmer
    Albany, Ohio
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  • “We care for all of our fields just as you would care for your garden at home.”

    Soybean Farmer
    South Charleston, Ohio
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  • “Anything we can do to keep them comfortable... a happier hog is a healthier hog.”

    Hog Farmer
    Johnstown, Ohio
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  • “We are able to gather the eggs the same day they are laid... and get them to the customer within a day's time.”

    Egg Farmer
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